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    Introducing myself


    Katy Bear

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    Introducing myself

    Post  Katy Bear on Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:56 am

    cheers Hi, I am trying to contact Waifs and Strays. Our ICC listing is under Healing Earth New Amish. WE are interested in sustainable living, organic farming/ranching/gardening. We are also interested in sustainable building, alternative energy and congenial folks. We hope to get together with other serious people who want to build their own homes and raise their own food humanely and sustainably and as much heritage plants and animals as possible, no GMO's. We are hoping to start or join a community in the next couple of months before we have another hot Texas summer! We have horses for sustainable farming, Alpine and Saanen dairy goats for milk and cheese, and heritage chickens. My husband can work in metals and start a blacksmith shop. Blessings, Katy Bear

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