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    looking for a community

    Post  naturaleyes on Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:41 pm

    I'm in the Houston area, looking for a community, ecovillage, to live with somewhere, anywhere else.
    I am amenable to the idea of living in TX. I just want to do things such as practice the 4 R's, gardening & generally living in a more earth-friendly, people-friendly environment.
    I do not really think of myself as a naturalist, although I grew up pretty much rural or small-city. I have been in Houston for over 20 yrs. and would like to leave here. Although some people are living in ways that consider earth and the environment around here, by and large, most are not. And it seems that they arent/could care less Exclamation .
    So I have some skills, need to grow these and could bring to the table food stuffs, furniture and more. My folks are going to be moving into one of those retirement home things and I need to get a move-on with doing this, or everything will be donated to Goodwill or Salvation army.
    I can be reached through the forum. Thanks! Basketball

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